Tips for renovating and utilizing old furniture at your home

Old, outdated furniture can hamper your home's style. Instead of throwing out your old furniture, you can actually breathe new life into these pieces by reusing them. Renovating a piece of furniture can be summed up in three simple steps: cleaning, repairing and decorating. Whether it’s by giving it new purpose, adding new paint or accessories, or simply relocating it in your home, you can easily reuse your old furniture in a way that livens up your home decor.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to renovate and restore your old furniture.


1. Repaint it

Repainting a piece of furniture is the simplest option. Paint the old furniture to give it a fresh look to match your interiors. If you love DIY projects, this is an excellent way to showcase your skills.

Sand down surfaces before applying any specific preparations, followed by two layers of your chosen paint: matt, gloss or varnish. An aqua color will immediately give a desk or TV cabinet a Scandinavian look.


2. Reassemble it

Before you decide to discard an old piece of furniture, see if you can dismantle it to reassemble it into a new avatar. Don’t be afraid to split up your piece of furniture so that it better meets your needs.

Take a cue from here and make small open shelves and closed cabinets out of the wood obtained from a wooden cupboard.

For example, hang the drawer tray of an old dressing table on your bedroom wall, and keep the legs to create a console or side table.


3. Give a new purpose to old furniture

You can always give your old furniture a new purpose. For example, you can convert your old dining table for two into a study table or work desk. Or convert an old side table into a beautiful plant holder to add oomph to your indoor garden and spruce up the decor. The rustic charm of wood is perfect everywhere as it will blend with any décor.


4. Give it a makeover

You can always give a makeover to your old furniture. If you want your furniture to feel as new as it looks, replace any padding or cushion that was underneath the old upholstery as well. If your furniture is in good condition, or if that’s what you like, varnish it or give it a lightly burnished look.

Moreover, You can also use slipcovers instead of new upholstery to brighten old furniture. If an old sofa or chair has become an eyesore due to stains, tears, or an outdated pattern, consider slipcovers for an inexpensive update.


5. Add sophisticated accessories

Feel free to add accessories to furniture to give it a new purpose. For example, handles and drawer pulls can be simply updated for a fresh look. Simply unscrew any old or tarnished hardware attached to your furniture and replace it with shiny new fixtures.

To personalize your furniture, replace decorative feet or handles with accessories that match the style you choose.