A badly installed door is a risk to security and a badly designed one is a mental hazard!

The first part is easy to understand. After all, we all know that a badly installed door is a security hazard. At the same time, if your door is badly designed, you will naturally be repulsed by it and over-exposure to repulsive things - like your door and furniture - can cause mental distress.

This is why you need expert carpenters to carefully craft and design your doors, windows, and furniture. Are you in need of such personnel? Why not give us a try?

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a reason to choose us, then besides our quality service, response time, and open hours, our team might just be the reason you need. With a team of highly skilled and capable carpenters, we can guarantee your satisfaction. And besides, our carpentry services are not limited to woodworkings either. 

Carpentry expertise at Nepalgunj Home Service: 

Our team consists of highly capable metal workers who are capable of creating, repairing, and installing metal furniture, door and windows as well. So as you can see, carpentry is just a name- we provide services related to all types of openings and furniture. 

Our service includes:

  • Installment and repairment of wooden doors, windows, and furniture
  • Installment and repairment of Iron openings and furniture
  • Aluminum openings and furniture Installment as well as replacement