Inverter / UPS


Inverter / UPS

Let's be honest here, we can never trust our power supply completely. 

Even though Load Shedding has ended, a small mishap can easily cut off our power supply - especially in the summer and monsoon season. Due to this very reason, there is a need for a trusty inverter and UPS system. The fact is that a lot of us have become dependant on our electrical devices - be it for work, education or entertainment. Under such circumstances, each second of power supply matters. 

So why not choose us? With quality service, immediate response, and 24/7 service we are among the best there is. 

Why choose us?

A power cut is not an immediate nor a great issue- so why would you choose us? First of all, while a power cut may not be an immediate or big issue, it is an unpredictable one. Second, a badly installed inverter and/or UPS can easily compromise the entire electrical connection of your house. 

We hire the best electrical technicians in the entirety of Nepalgunj who are ready to be deployed as per your need, regardless of time. On top of this because of our "service warranty," you can be assured of our service. 

Your reason for picking us is quick and quality service at any time of the day!

Inverter/ UPS expertise at Nepalgunj Home Service: 

We, at Nepalgunj Home Service, select only the best and trustworthy personnel whose qualifications meet your need. This is why we are confident to provide quick and lasting solutions to every one of your inverter and UPS requirements. Regardless of the reason, you require installation or repairs, we have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable electricians at your disposal.

Our service includes:

  • Installing and Repairing Inverters/ UPS
  • Inverter/ UPS diagnosis
  • Home Wiring Diagnosis