Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

The Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page apply to everyone who uses our services unless said otherwise. Nepalgunj Home services will assume that anyone who uses our services has agreed to these terms and conditions. These are here to avoid any financial or legal issues for both the user and the company. So users are encouraged to give this page a full read in order to avoid complications.

The terms and conditions for using Nepalgunj Home services are as follows:


  • Should the customer fail to provide payment for their requested services - s/he will be notified 
  • If the customer pays after being notified, the procedure will continue as normal
  • Should the customer fail to pay even after s/he has been notified, the requested services will be canceled

Non-covered repair/installment quotation

  • The customer will be entitled to have a technical after s/he makes the repair or installation request
  • Nepalgunj Home service will deploy a technician to fulfill the need of the customer depending on his/her request
  • The arrival time of the technician is subjected to weather conditions, traffic, and festivals
  • Technicians will be deployed depending on the urgency, availability, and sequence of request
  • Nepalgunj Home services will handle the request 24/7. 
  • In case the request is made after nightfall, the technology will be dispatched depending on the emergency of the situation


  • In case of Covered repair/installation, the customer should call, explain their need, and request a suitable technician
  • Nepalgunj Home services will then select the best-suited technician 
  • The customer is then arranged the time, date, and location of the repair 
  • The technician will then be deployed as per the request of the customer

Service Expenses

  • Nepalgunj Home service will only be responsible for the labor cost
  • Should there be the requirement of extra tools or accessories, the payment responsibility will fall on the hands of customers
  • The customer shall also be responsible for the defective materials and or spare parts required while installing or repairing
  • Nepalgunj Home service will not hold the warranty over the products used during the repair
  • Nepalgunj Home service shall not be responsible for any costs related to accessing the Site.


  • The equipment used by the technicians are required to comply with the safety standard as per national laws and regulations
  • Equipment is also required to fulfill the manufacturer's requirements in order to be used in installations or repairs
  • Nepalgunj Home service has the complete right to inspect the state of repair and installation equipment before and during the installation/repairment process
  • Should the technician or customer fail to comply with these terms, their contract and warrantee will be nullified immediately


  • Technicians are to be given a safe and secure environment to install and repair 
  • Should the technical face any injury due to locational hazard, the customer will be required to provide primary medicinal assistance
  • The customer will not be responsible should the mishap happen due to the carelessness of the technician at the site of access


  • Services from Nepalgunj Home services do not include anything not mentioned in the package.
  • Nepalgunj Home services are not responsible for damage to the repairs/ installments through the fire, flood, freezing, riots, customer negligence, defected devices unless specifically mentioned in the package
  • Repair packages are only meant for Maintainance and not a replacement
  • Nepalgunj Home services reserve the right to reject repairment should the equipment be too damaged to repair
  • Should the customer need replacement, s/he should make a separate request for a replacement.
  • In case the technician replaces under these circumstances, then the package will be renewed and the pricing will be placed accordingly


  • Customers are entitled to cancel the package anytime before the technician has been deployed
  • Should the service package be canceled after the technology is deployed, s/he will be charged accordingly


  • Nepalgunj Home service will not be liable for external damages including direct or indirect damages that can be accumulated from 
  • equipment defect
  • unforeseen circumstances like a natural disaster
  • accidents caused by customer negligence 
  • Nepalgunj Home services will be liable for damages caused by faulty repairs and installation given that there is no defect in the equipment and materials 


  • The customers are expected to comply with the laws and regulations regarding the safety protocols of the products and location during the installation and repairs
  • They are also expected to uphold the business and ethical values regarding fines, penalties, legal and professional fees along with the risks possessed by customer negligence during the process of request/call
  • The customer is not applicable for recourse against Nepalgunj Home services and claims, demands, and proceedings should there be any damages to the technician be it injury or death due to the negligence. The negligence of the customer can be anything from failing to notify the technician about the condition of the repair, location or providing them with faulty equipment for installation and repair

Terms and Conditions

  • Once the customer uses Nepalgunj Home services, s/he is expected to comply with the mentioned terms and conditions.
  • By providing and accepting the services, both Nepalgunj Home services and customer enter into an agreement that both of these parties will have any right to change the conditions mid-way through their service duration
  • These terms and conditions shall be void applicable should there be any fraudulent misrepresentation of both the customer and/or Nepalgunj Home services

Law and Disputes

  • Any legal disputes between customers and Nepalgunj Home services will be dealt with as per Nepali Law

Should there be any changes in terms and conditions of the Nepalgunj Home service, the users will be notified via email, SMS, or app notifications. In case of a change, the new terms and policies will be updated here.