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We solve every and any technical issue for your home and office.

Nepalgunj Home service is Here for you. Located at Nepalgunj, we provide repair and installation services for your home. Regardless of what it is, Nepalgunj Home service is ready to deploy their qualified technical for you at your demand. All you need to do is give us a call, tell us what you require, and let us worry about the rest. With a team of highly qualified technicians at our disposal, Nepalgunj Home services are here to meet your needs 24/7. It doesn't matter if you are at home or the office, as long as you need repair and installments regarding Plumbing, Painting, Home appliances, electricity, carpentry, and Inverter, Nepalgunj Home service has got solutions for you. We provide immediate and guaranteed service for anyone in need!


Our Mission

To provide Highest Quality Repair and installment service at the quickest time possible all over Nepalgunj


Our Vission

To become the best provider of Home Service Solutions all over the Nepa through the means of consistent quality Home Service Solutions


Our Values

Nepalgunj Home service values quality and time over everything else. A quality service served late is just as bad as quick solutions that don't last.

Nepalgunj Home Service

Message From Director

Nepalgunj Home Service is one of the leading home services in Nepal. This company provides skilled staff for various repairs and maintenance services all over Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj home services don’t just provide homes repairs and installations, we provide trust and care. With a belief that the path of building a reputable business is forged through customer satisfaction and trust, Nepalgunj Home Services handpicks the technicians so that you - the customers can get what you want when you want. As a Director, I naturally want my coming to succeed, but I also believe that a success made from deception is nothing but a burden. Because of this, we designed the policy at Nepalgunj Home Service to be as transparent as it can be. Regardless of how great service we provide, you won’t trust us if we hide everything from you. So, I want all of our customers to feel secure and trust us. Everyone at Nepalgunj Home Services knows how it feels when a mishap happens at home and you do not know whom to call. This is the primary reason I, along with many of the employees, are involved with Nepalgunj at home. This company aims to fill that need of an expert during emergencies. After all, not everybody is an expert in-home repairs. Like I said before, I seek profit and just as much as a business person does, stand at the top of Home Services, but the first priority is to provide quick and reliable services to you. Profit will always follow the business that is trust - This is my belief, and this is the belief at Nepalgunj Home Services.
Nepalgunj Home Service



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